Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

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Recognised as a trusted brand in home cleaning products and supplies, Mr. Sheen would like to present you with our home cleaning tips and advice to take the cleanliness of your home to the next level.

mr-sheen-cleaning-tips-icon-pet-odourFight pet odour

You love your pets but can’t help pulling up your nose at the scent and loose hair they leave behind on your carpets and upholstery?

  • Deodorise and freshen your carpet, mats and rugs with the Mr Sheen Carpet Fresh to fight trapped odours.
  • Use a rubber cleaning glove to get pet hair off your upholstery by simply gliding it along the surface, the pet hair will stick to the rubber and pull right off for disposal.


Keep your surfaces clean and dust free

“Never dust higher up than the head of your tallest friend”, some earnest tongue-in-cheek advice but in reality, keeping your furniture and other surfaces clean and dust free is a priority when cleaning your home. The challenge is in keeping all the different products on hand to clean different surfaces.

Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces

Getting a streak-free finish when cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces can be a challenge and many believe that there’s a secret to cleaning these surfaces and today, the secret is out!
You will need:

Let’s get started

  1. Spray the mirror down with Mr Sheen ClearView Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, making sure the spray is in a mist and not dripping down the surface.
  2. Fold the microfiber cloth into quarters, ensuring you have four clean surfaces to work with and as you’re cleaning, you can flip the cloth to ensure you’re working with a clean surface when needed.
  3. Begin at the top left corner and slowly drag the cloth across to the top right corner swooping down and then going back to the left side of the mirror. Continue this zig zag motion until you’re at the bottom of the mirror, ensuring you eliminate streaks and save time.
  4. You can check for scuff marks by checking the mirror at a 45 degree angle, spot clean each tiny stain by spraying your cloth and quickly wiping the streak and drying it.

mr-sheen-cleaning-tips-icon-dishwasher-tabletsKeep your dishwasher fresh

The prolonged use and exposure to food and dirt particles can leave your dishwasher smelling less and less pleasant over time, how can you ensure your dishwasher and dishes don’t have a nasty odour?

The Mr Sheen Dishwasher Freshener clips easiy onto the upper rack of your dishwashing machine to eliminate unwanted odours – giving your dishwasher a clean and fresh smell with no strong fragrance on your dishes.

Dishwasher tablet not fully dissolving

It is not uncommon to find that your dishwasher hasn’t been fully dissolving the dishwasher tablets, but what can be the cause of this?

  1. Machine washing time and temperature is not sufficient to dissolve the tablets. The machine may not be working to its maximum potential.
  2. The water flow in the machine is being restricted by the pipes being clogged – can happen in hard water areas – you need sufficient flow to help dissolve the tablet and also this would give a poor wash- there are products available to address this.
  3. The tablet is being caught up in the cutlery or somewhere else when it comes out of the dispenser – often a problem as it needs to land on the machine floor to have maximum water contact to allow for dissolution.



What makes Cleanmate trusted above other cleaning service providers? When you combine higher standards, smarter strategies and superior quality all in one package, the result is top notch.